Credit Reporting explained

Equifax is the largest credit information broker in Australia and with their services, you can take some of the risk out of giving credit to people.

The information they can provide can help minimise the amount of money you have outstanding at any one time. The downside to having this information is the cost. For small to medium businesses, the ongoing monthly cost of Equifax can outweigh the benefits they might see.

In researching ways to save our customers money we found the perfect solution was to become an Equifax service reseller. You get access to Equifax services at the same price that large organisations pay Equifax, without having to do the bulk volume that they do.

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We can help you with:

  • Discounted monthly access fee
  • Discounted cost per search
  • Discounted cost per delinquent listing
  • Discounted cost per clearout listing

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