Litigation explained

Stoneink, through its connections to various solicitors firms around Australia, is able to provide an external document solution for those clients who would prefer to handle their debt collection services internally. By utilising our services in raising any legal action you opt to take against delinquent customers. You are able to maintain continuity of service while at the same time knowing that if need be, you can take legal action without racking up exorbitant legal costs.

We are constantly striving to improve the way we handle files and decrease turnaround times. To that end we have the facility to electronically lodge documents with the Courts, so that documents can be raised, filed and back from the court in less than an hour.

The Benefits of Using Stoneink for Litigation

  • Continuity of service from inception to completion.
  • Experienced litigation agents, who can provide you with appropriate options to make informed decisions.
  • NO upfront retainers. We only invoice you for work done.
  • Quick turnaround of documents means quicker payments.
  • Cost effective alternative to having a solicitor on staff.

Litigation Service Highlights

Combined legal action and debt collection

If your chosen customised strategy path can not resolve the account, we assess if legal action is in your best interests. We can action your legal accounts in conjunction with our other debt collection activities, or we can function as a legal clearing house – where we prepare and file the document for you, whilst you maintain the conduct of the file internally.

Enforcement of judgement

Civil Claims litigation is complex, but our team of debt recovery specialists have years of experience in all Australian jurisdictions, so you can be confident of the finest locally appropriate action. The options for enforcement of the judgment vary by the amount outstanding and the customers location. Our legal team will liaise with you to agree upon the most suitable enforcement for each file.

The options include

  • Examination
  • Seizure and Sale of Goods
  • Garnishee
  • Bankruptcy
  • Wind Up

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