Private Investigations

On your request, Stoneink undertakes inquiries that are either outside the scope of the police or as a precursor to reporting criminal activity for further investigation. We conduct interviews and obtain statements, take photographs and measurements of incident sites and when needed conduct stationary or dynamic surveillance. We can also conduct counter-surveillance if you have concerns regarding your safety or that of your personnel and equipment.

If you have a problem that you think our investigation team may be of assistance in solving, give us a call and we will consult with you, with determining the best way to handle the matter.

Factual Investigation

  • Interviews and statements

    Our agent will contact the designated person to obtain a written statement from them in regards to an incident that they have witnessed. Investigations can be done independently and used to corroborate other witness statements.
  • Motor accident scene investigation

    Our agent will attend the location of an accident to take photographs and measurements. We can also make observations and report on vehicle loads at specific times of the day, blind spots at intersections and traffic light timings.
  • Personal injury investigations

    Our agent will attend the location of an incident to take photographs and measurements. When a personal injury occurs in a building open to the public, we will determine if surveillance is available. We can also make observations about foot traffic at specific times of the day. Agents are qualified and trained to investigate workplace injuries and incidents relating to any workers compensation claims.


  • Stationary surveillance

    Utilising discreet surveillance equipment, our operative(s) document people entering and exiting the targeted property. Movements at the site are photographed and, if requested, a video record can be made. Use of both stationary and dynamic surveillance can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of suspected fraudulent activity.
  • Dynamic surveillance

    Our operative(s) will follow your target, note their movements and, when requested, photograph individuals met by the target. Such surveillance can prove very useful in uncovering fraud in insurance or worker’s compensation claims. Usually performed on a specific person, we have found surveillance of specific vehicles effective in establishing who is using the car or to enable repossession of a vehicle usually kept on private property.
  • Transport surveillance

    If your concern is the conduct or safety of your personnel or equipment, we can organise for an operative to covertly observe the situation and report any issues discovered. Typically this service is requested by clients who have suffered a loss or been the victim of criminal activity.


  • Company searches

    In addition to reporting a company’s current and historical structure, shareholders and office holders, we can advise if a company has ever lodged a deed of company arrangement.
  • Skip tracing

    We can attempt to locate missing persons. This is not limited to locating absconded customers, we also act for solicitors who have misplaced their witnesses. An update is provided to your office and if requested we can issue either a field call or a letter to the address to confirm that the person located is the appropriate person. Stoneink fully complies with the Privacy Act (Commonwealth, 1988), as well as the National Privacy Principles and asserts that all searches performed are completely in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Land title searches

    We can report whether a person has any property registered in their name or that of a related entity. This gives you enough details for your solicitor to be able to register an encumbrance or interest.
  • Locating assets

    Whether you are missing a company car that an employee failed to return, or if a customer has absconded with your security, we can help. If needed, we can locate the responsible party, and conduct investigations to locate, secure and return your property.

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